Mike Basler

Realtor Sales Representative


Home Evaluations

Home evaluations offer buyers and sellers a good understanding of their property’s value. The estimated property value gives sellers an idea what to price their home at and gives buyers a starting point for negotiating a sales price.

Find out the true value of your home by contacting me for your FREE home evaluation. No hassle, No obligation.

When to Get a Home Evaluation

Housing Calculations

Calculating what potential mortgage and tax expenses will incur from a home purchase will give buyers a better idea of what they can afford. By doing these calculations now, the buyer will be in a better position to find the home of their dreams.

As an experienced realtor sales representative, I can work with you to calculate how much you should be able to afford and what it will cost to go through the home buying process.

Real Estate FAQ's

The first step would be to get pre-approved for a mortgage. Having secured approval allows buyers to know how much they are capable of affording.

Typically, the best time to put your home on the market is in the spring and summer. This is greatly due to the fact that the weather is nicer, especially for places further north.

Yes! Doing a pre-purchase home inspection allows you to gain more information about the property and avoid any unwanted surprises in the future.

This depends on the housing market and your financial situation. Many people aren't financially capable of affording the cost of carrying two properties, which can cause great amounts of stress. On the other hand buying a home first allows homeowners to take their time finding the perfect home for their needs.


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